3D clouds

hello everybody,

this my first post on elysium,

For a long time i have been looking for a way to create « real » clouds in Blender who can looks like the ones we can see in Bryce or Vue d’Esprit, i finaly find a little trick to do them and i want to share it with you…



thanks for the tutorial, looks good.

and Welcome to elysiun, make yourself at home (oh, btw, Sago keeps his sodas in the back of the fridge…but you didn’t hear it from me… :smiley: )


For realistic volumetric clouds in blender using particles

I use a different method, withought the sphere. Only with procedurals and sky texture, and it’s real-in other words, when you change the veiw angle of the camera, the clouds move as well.

CornDog > thanks for the welcomme :slight_smile:

jaycun > thank you for the link, another good way to realise good cloud :slight_smile:

Tynach > , all the methods are good… about mine i found that the use of the " alpha" allow me to control much better l the size and the shap of the clouds…

best wishes from france - and that why my english looks a tiny bit poor :smiley:


I think there will be volumetric textures in the next release. Don’t know if it’ll help to make clouds: