3D Cobblestone Algorithm


I need to find a way to generate an arbitrarily large, irregular (i.e. not a repeating pattern) cobblestone. How can you lay out auto-generated cobblestones? Maybe we could tackle a flat surface first, but I actually need cobblestones lining the inner circumference of a cylinder. You can see examples below:

this is my setup… I have vertical fat blue cylinder, and horizontal thin green cylinders. I need to line the inside of the green cylinders with cobblestones, and fill the blue cylinders with spheroids.

an example of what this might look like rendered comes from Nature:

Ideally, I would do this by hooking into something like the “array” functionality of Blender, such that I could modify only one of these stones or spheroids and the changes to the lighting and material properties of all others would also change.

The cobblestone needs to be very similar to real stones… meaning that there is a real three-dimensionality to each stone, which will be rounded and smooth. I cannot simply do bump mapping or add a texture to the inner surface and do mesh molding of the texture because I need very long tubes to be lined with these structures.

I am old-hat at basic Blender (which I love) but very new to scripting the creation of meshes.

Here is the .blend:
DiagramsOfArrays.blend (339 KB)

Please advise.


I am not very sure if this is the result you’re looking for.
The pile is 3D modeled. The stones are randomly arranged but the incide of the cylinder is hollow (I don’t know why you need to fill the whole volume if the inner stones won’t be rendered)
If that is what your looking for - check the demo videos about cracking surfaces on my youtube page (see bellow).

Actually I am interested in cobllestones too especiallly about generating a fantail cobblestone pavement :slight_smile:


There’s a recent script called auto masonry or masonry wizard that you might be able to modify, or use the output as a starting point for your cells. Search for it in the forums here.

3D textures in 3D not yet practical art in blender

the only thing that comes up to my mind is Grid mesh
this will create 3D mesh with inside edges and it’s the only one in blender
this is used to generate solid wihich can used in physic engine

but you could use this to begin then apply the random vertex in F9 if i remember well
but i never really tried that before so have a look and let us know what heppen