3D comic look style

Hi everyone!

I’ve found this nice 3D comic kinda looking image on the latest blenderart magazine, published on page 61.
Created by Pablo, a talented guy. :smiley:


Now that reminds me that i always wanted to try out creating a comic art 3D character,
perhaps a cute sheep or something similar for fun.

The point is that i’m not up for cell shading materials at all.
This image has clearly a different kind of look.

So my discussion and question topic is:

What do you think is the most important point of creating those 3D comic images,
what’s the secret behind lighting a comic scene, comic materials… who has some experiance?
Anyone has some great tutorials or hints about this?



Pablo’s site might not have all the tutorials you are asking for, but it has quite a bit of interesting info about that image and style you posted.

His site is pablo dot lizardo dot info (sorry, it seems I can’t post links quite yet).

Also, if you do a search for “pablo lizardo” on vimeo dot com you will find some videos that deal with that image.

Hey, thanks for the info Aloyr! :RocknRoll:
I’ve found the making of video of this scene there, quite interesting.

The composing of the final image looks hard to catch since i’m not very familiar with this technic yet.
I need to learn abit more about this material shadings and lighting.

Nobody who has tried to create a scene like this before? :frowning:
The style of the characters reminds me abit of what tim burton does in his stop and go cartoon movies.

I’ve found a nice material tutorial of his work, that explains how to achieve this look:


If you are looking for a “Cell shade Filter” then im working on one ATM! its still technicaly a WIP but the Node stuff is all done its just i wanted to do some sexy poses for the finnished post so i need to rig her!

But you can nad the filter from the WIP thread if you like:

Hey MCHammond,
thank you for sharing your szene!
What a remarkable character, i like her… :smiley:
quite interesting how you realised the tail and the hair where you can look through to the eyes! I need to take a deeper look into this later this day.

Good work. All Blender users should get idea from this.