3D cursor and object origin

I find both of these very distracting while modeling.

Is there an addon or some way to hide 3D cursor and object origins?

I had one called enhanced 3d cursor which allowed me to hide it but it doesn’t work in 2.79 for me.

Enhanced 3D Cursor works fine with 2.79 for me. Hiding the 3d cursor with it has performance issues. I usually just move it 100 km up or down if I am not using it and it bothers me. That’s usually enough. As far as I know it is currently impossible to hide origin points for selected objects except with ‘only render’ display property in the n panel, but it hides a lot more things. I hope it will be more flexible in the 2.8 version.

I agree to Martin,

If you are running another script, try Enhanced 3D cursor. It’s tagged for V 2.6, but works well on the latest official version alswo.


Welp, I hope these things get more flexible in 2.8 too. Display only render is ok but then i won’t see wires as well.

Maybe this could help.