3d curve, how?

as the title says.
I want to model a mouse tail. How to draw a 3d curve and taper on it. I know but don’t like the idea to convert the 2d shape to mesh then edit it.

just add the curve (bezier, nurbs, whatever) and click the aptly named 3D button in the edit buttons window. That should be what you’re looking for.


  1. create-> Curve -> NURBS or Bezier Curve…

  2. go into edit buttons window…

  3. in [curve and surface] tab, there will be a row of three icons:


[Back] and [Front] will be selected

guess which one you have to click…?


[edit: sorry for doubling, zdk1 beat me to submitting…]

Add a curve and call it Tail
Add a curveCircle and call it Profile
Add a 2nd curve and call it Taper

Select Tail and in field:
BevOb type in “Profile”
TaperOb type in “Taper”


get it, thanks everyone :slight_smile: