3D Dude stuff now avialable


Just wanted ya’ll elysiun dudes know about my new shop: http://www.cafeshops.com/iindigo3d

All done with Blender :smiley:

I’ll be adding more items with different artwork later… If you have any suggestions let me know :wink:

Mods - if this type of post is against the rules I’m sorry - no harm meant -


Oh, and just so you know - when you buy something from my shop you’re helping a teenager (me :p) upgrade from his slow 400mhz computer to a 2Ghz Blender rendering powerhouse! 8)

Like I said earlier, I’m very open to suggestions -

What do you guys think of me selling a CD with lots of .blend models, textures, etc.?

make the images on the items more neat looking. just three primitives is not that great …

site is good though

heh, thanks -

I’ve got a couple ideas for stuff to add… Is there anything you guys would like to have on a t-shirt, mug, etc.? As long as it isn’t copyrighted -

um… cafeshops aint that good, sorry. ive used them, and theree nothing special. and u artwork could use some work. just a water plane, a light, and a halo, arent worth $15 sorry

heh yeah I kind of agree after looking at it… Are there any other shops like cafeshops but better? I really want to sell my stuff…

BTW that’s really my first sucessful scene in blender… They’ll get more advanced, I promise :wink:

To se ll stuff you have to have a site and content that views will love to suport. You need you keep working at it. And make a blog, and yes the café thing will not float. Your site needs something that has daily updates of stuff like a zine. THEN you can create a shop with art work on it.

I hope that those items are just photoshop for now,…

i dont think u will be able to sell any of your work for a long time. just focus on making it, not selling it

I know some amazing artists who do similar things to this, and even they hardly sell any. There’s no way someone who’s shoved a few primitives into a scene is going to make any reasonable money out of this, let alone enough to upgrade their PC. I’m not trying to dampen your enthusiasm, just being realistic.

Seriously though, stop trying to flog stuff and concentrate on learning the program!! You can’t sell CD’s of models and textures until you actual have decent models to sell. %| And people generally don’t buy them in that way, I think there are sites which will give a set price for quality models and things.

And if you want a better PC, get a Saturday job and start saving. :stuck_out_tongue: