3d elements - modeller required

Hi all,

second posting today, must be a record for me!

We have a project starting in January that requires numerous 3d elements, specifically low poly, sci-fi machinery parts. They will require buidling from concept artwork, uv mapping and ambient occlusion maps baking. Textures will be added at this end.

In the first instance we’d like to hear from anyone interested and to see examples of similar work that you have produced.

These will be paying jobs


Matt: )

PM sent. :slight_smile:

I sent a pm

I sent you a pm. Cheers.

thanks to everyone who was interested and who got in touch. If I haven’t responded to you, my apologies, you have slipped through the net, nothing personal. PM me again and I will respond this time.



Ive sent you a private message too.

with care, Bizla.

i sent you a pm

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Demo.blend (399 KB)

Here is a sample of a simple machine, what do you need?

I can model and simulate fast,


send me an email to [email protected] and I’ll keep you informed as the project nears the modelling stage.


Matt: )

I have sent a PM.

Hi :slight_smile: I want to model, just give me a theme to make something for you as a demo, and i will give you my model for you to see if we can work some more.

I sent a pm

I have some examples of low poly here? http://marincastefan.deviantart.com/gallery/

I’ve sent you a PM, and an email too.

so what happened with this?

nothing yet. The legal people got involved and everything ground to a halt. Don’t hold your breath.

piff i just do everything under the radar :stuck_out_tongue: