3D Environment Modelling and Texturing

Job description:

Need 3D modelling and texturing from a concept art.
The project has been already started and it is 50% finished.
The original project file is in Blender but can provide a Maya file if the Freelancer uses Maya. Preferably, Modeling should be done in Blender.

  • Models to be completed: Robots, crates, small details
  • Texturing needs to be completed: All (4K textures) (Aircraft is already done)
  • Unwrapping: All except the Aircraft
  • Look Development: All

Preferred programs:

  • Blender (Model, LookDev)
  • Mari (Texturing)

I also ask for Freelancers to provide samples of their work specially 3D models that is in wireframe.
The models will be in subdiv. So definitely the topology should come with quad faces. Absolutely no n-gons. I will need to check the models before texturing.

I can provide textures for the Freelancers to start with. I have 300 imperfect surface textures for both metals, rusts, scratches, dirt, etc.


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