3D Fat

Study of the behavior of human fat, made with blender 2.72

This is the test video.

It’s so beautiful! CAN’T… STOP… LOOKING!

wow, surprisingly realistic… how’d you do it?

really really reeaaaaallly Well done! Geez, looking at my hambuger right now … Go to hell :wink:

wow, that’s quite disgusting! :smiley: really well done! in my opinion the “jelly” effect is a bit exaggerated, but the work you did is great!

:no: so gross. very impressive.

Beautifully disgusting.

Thank you very much!:smiley: I’ve been working hard with the dynamics of soft bodies, and weight pain.

Hola Cesar89!,
this is funny even if it’s not the goal ^^

Wow! Very impressive. Love it :smiley:

Very impressive, how did you proceed?
Soft body? cloth simulation?

Thanks you!, it is soft body.

This looks very good (i mean technically), could you provide some “making of”-like tutorial?

Impressive. The only thing you might want to fix, is the behaviour of the simulation in the top seam of the vertex group. it is too obvious where the seam is. I hope you understood, because I am not sure I am explaining it right…

Well done! Have you tried simulating a punch in the stomach?

— Very true, I may see the seams, maybe nice add blur in this seams.

Yes, If what I thought, but I prefer to start with the easy:D


¿Cómo logras tanto realismo?
P.D.: Me encanta el pelo en pecho ;3

Wow this is great, can You share the prosses to achieve this effect.
And i seen in your youtube for muscle, please share the method too, i just start rigging in blender and i think your knowledge will help for realistic character riggig setup. Thanks Cesar :smiley: