3D file hosting

I did some searching and couldn’t find anything, so I figured I’d ask… Where can 3D files be uploaded to? (Not necessarily blender files…) I was trying to post a file I made in Alibre Design to another forum, but I had no idea where to upload it. When searching here I came across turbosquid, but I don’t want to sell the model. Any help? Sorry if this has come up before, I tried the search function.

Kator Legaz


If you don’t have webspace, there are some websites offering a free upload service, like http://www.sendmefile.com/

Putfile doesn’t support the file type (.stp) and neither does the sendmefile.com (tried and got an error). Could you give specific URL’s for the rest of those sites please?

Just zip or rar the file and sendmefile will work.

OK, thanks.

[Edit] Here’s the file you helped me upload: http://www.sendmefile.com/00266366 and here’s the free viewer needed for the file: Modelpressreader.exe

Again, thanks for the help.