3d floor plan Blender to web

I have a 3d floor plan and I would like to export it in a format you can browse through it (html and explorer if possible).
Could someone tell me the best and easiest way to do it???

Thanks in advance.

are you thinking of realtime 3D? If so you could go through Unity. (Export as .fbx then add as asset in Unity, build as webplayer embedded in html.)
Or you could do it via papervision3D in Flash, (export from Blender as Collada)from Flash you would export to .swf and have that embedded in the .html.
Or there’s a technology that plays .blend files, I think it’s called Burster. You need something that isn’t going to put the user off. Since people are wary of installing new stuff via the browser.
However none of this is easy (not for me anyway), and I’m not sure which is best either.
Rereading your question it occurs to me that a floorplan is essentially a 2D entity. Is there a definite advantage in displaying it 3D?
Hope that was of some help?

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Thank you.
I think i will be worth with Unity.