3D Gallery: Completed Project!

The basic work flow is modeling -> material -> lighting -> raybaker3 -> fps script… oh and all photos are taken by me 8)



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lol For me thoses links are broken I cant get to them my fire fox says
server not found lol And no it cant be my net I use shaw high speed net :smiley:

wow, looks very professional… good use of radiosity

how did u get that sign to look so chrome like?
was it just an env texture?
or specularity settings?

Thanks, THIS is the texture i applied to the text (as reflective UV cords.)

Non of the polygons are lit in realtime, just baked textures. No specularity maps are used.

any chance for a few screenies?

Sure :smiley:


Thoses screenshots look very pro like done but theses links :


Dont seem to be working for me lol but anyhows any 1 out there has a mirror link ? if so please post it :smiley:

KEEP BLENDERING { It’s 2006 } ! ! ! ! ! !

The first link should be working… if not, PM and w/ your email address and I’ll send it to you. I am not sure why I can’t upload the 7mb file to h4x’s server, maybe my ISP? (Tried with both IE and Opera)

Hi there I got the downlaod to work my firewall thing was blocking it from downlaoding now it’s fixed :smiley: I am downlaoding right now.

Very cool!

I’m working on a similar project, but using Shockwave 3D…



Very nice, my next step is to use python to load images from a folder and display them onto the canvas at regular intervals. So the images switch automatically… :wink:

Lol, strange my laptop displays everything in amazingly good quality.

Wow, really nice gallery. Hehe, what resolution are they at?

Jason Lin

Yo malCanDo I Was Just Wondering If That Last Image Post In The Game Engine Or Is It A Render ?

It’s in-game.

You can see an example of it, if you have a PC or Mac ( Shockwave isn’t available on Linux ) here…


One cool thing is the GOOGLE image search button in the bottom right corner… click on it, and enter some info to search for ( eg Blender Game Engine )


mal, that’s amazing, great work!! :smiley: Could you by any chance tell me how you got the Blender (if you did use Blender) models into Director with the textures and stuff? I’ve got a lot of race tracks I need to get into this game that runs on shockwave and it’s proving a nightmare :stuck_out_tongue:

From Daniel

Hi Daniel,

You can use the XSI exporter that ships with 2.40 ( I modified the script slightly ), and then use this converter…


I’m hoping to get together with a few other coders, to get the exporter supporting animation, textures etc. It should be relatively straightforward, but will probably take a bit of time to get tested / all the features added in etc…

You can view the resulting W3D in Director, or using this stand-alone viewer…


BTW if it’s a car race track game your making, check this out…