3D Game with Handpainted Backgrounds Prototype

I originally planned on making a 2D point-and-click adventure game, but I realized sprites wouldn’t conform to perspective. I decided that I could make it in 3D with hand painted backgrounds, like Alone In the Dark. I chose this over regular 3D because it offers the same creative control as 2D and, I won’t have to change plan’s for gameplay.

Here is a wire frame rendering of a room. I’m going to trace this and use that as the basis of my design. Once I have that completed I’ll set it to be drawn behind the scene and make the room mesh invisible.

I drew the image on paper. I removes hidden lines and added floor texture.

I still need to remove imperfections and correct the aspect ratio.

Hello samgj, how’s going your project? i would like to know your progress :slight_smile:

This weirdly works, and I am very interested to see some more progress.