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hey guys, i’ve been thinking about getting a subscription to a 3d magazine since it’d be cool to read about news related to 3d graphics i think. and i know that many people on these forums probably already have magazine subscriptions so i was wondering if anybody could recommend a good one. i suck at learning languages so i’ll need english, and it’ll also need to be one i can get here in canada. you guys know of any good one(s)?

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this is probebly the best, but it also covers illustration, photoshop and many others ‘computer arts’.

(wavk) #3

Yep, computer arts is good, but if you want ONLY 3d, you need 3d World, the sister mag of computer arts. www.3dworld.co.uk. Both these magazines are extremely expensive though!

Wybren van Keulen
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personly I like 3d world best

(stukkm) #5

urg… expensive is right. i’m not even gonna convert the price from euro to canadian dollars or i might puke. i was not expecting the prices to be so high. in fact, i thought there’d even be a chance for a free trial issue. oh well

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just visit http://www.cgchannel.com and http://www.cgtalk.com everyday for your digital arts news… really great sites