3D Gun Model

Hello everyone, I have recently learnt the basics of modelling in blender and I’m new to all this 3D modelling stuff and blender is the first ever program I have used to make this, so here it is.

UV Mapped

Not UV Mapped

3D Gun Model in Edit Mode

Picture Reference

As you can see when textured the model looks cut up, maybe it is because I extruded the plane and I started with a plane rotated it so it looks flat and extruded it to the whole shape of the gun. For some reason when I try to extrude the cube I only am able to extrude the face not the whole thing, so I just went with the extruded plane and then selected it and extruded the whole thing to make it a bit thicker so does not look like a piece of paper.

Looks like flipped normals. Try Ctrl+N on the whole mesh after making sure that there aren’t any faces mucking about inside.

it could be a normals issue, but it kind of looks like vertex colors that have been rotated to me. I think that function is in the UV specials menu

Ah, I realised that I overlapped my polys many times and that is why it gives that kind of cut up effect on the model. Thanks for trying to help though guys.