3D Hand-Painted Character Dwarf for games

Hey guys, I’m glad finally finished the project, I did the base model and then handpainted the texture in Blender.
You can download the tutorial and project files: https://gumroad.com/l/UoIt
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/G0omB


This is so nice. 5 stars.

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Ho Man, this is so fantastic.
What a quality. Jsut bought it on gumroad.

Good luck with the sales.
May I advice you to announce it on Blendernation, that should push your sales quite a bit.


May I also advise you to push it on the blendermarket?
It should get a nice traffic there too :slight_smile:

Good luck with this.

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Amazing quality, great job!

Well Done
nice handpaint

That would lovely, Do I need to pay for that? Thank you

It is a nice model…I love dwarves…very WoW/Disney centric, but that is not a bad thing…I could never use it in a game…vertex count is a bit too heavy for me…but it is not unheard of this day and age to have even 10K+ on a model, so nice work.

Reminds me a bit of Lucas :wink: Nice work!

amazing, congrats :slight_smile:

man if u would rate you I would give you 15-10

Thank you guys for the support!!!

Hey There! Thanks for your support, 7K for character in game is quite normal nowdays, unless it’s for mobile game. I have reviewed it and I just realized there are some areas need to be optimized in terms of polygon

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing the timelapse video.

Dis looks amazing. Great Detail. Digin the belly shield

Superb quality. :slight_smile:

Nice, I hand painted texture really takes the character to the next level! Did you make the modelling / sculpting too?

Hey there, yes I did the modeling and sculpting too. Thanks!

Your works inspire me to learn how to make cool looking hand-painted textures. This one simply looks amazing !!

Blender nation is free for all :grinning: