3D Hand-Painted Character Dwarf for games

(sonikka) #1

Hey guys, I’m glad finally finished the project, I did the base model and then handpainted the texture in Blender.
You can download the tutorial and project files: https://gumroad.com/l/UoIt
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/G0omB

(BigBlend) #2

This is so nice. 5 stars.

(Pierrick PICAUT) #3

Ho Man, this is so fantastic.
What a quality. Jsut bought it on gumroad.

Good luck with the sales.
May I advice you to announce it on Blendernation, that should push your sales quite a bit.


(Pierrick PICAUT) #4

May I also advise you to push it on the blendermarket?
It should get a nice traffic there too :slight_smile:

Good luck with this.

(Shenfara) #5

Amazing quality, great job!

(nawaf-blender) #6

Well Done
nice handpaint

(sonikka) #7

That would lovely, Do I need to pay for that? Thank you

(JustinBarrett) #8

It is a nice model…I love dwarves…very WoW/Disney centric, but that is not a bad thing…I could never use it in a game…vertex count is a bit too heavy for me…but it is not unheard of this day and age to have even 10K+ on a model, so nice work.

(Tamarin) #9

Reminds me a bit of Lucas :wink: Nice work!

(MmAaXx) #10

amazing, congrats :slight_smile:

(alf0) #11

man if u would rate you I would give you 15-10

(sonikka) #12

Thank you guys for the support!!!

(sonikka) #13

Hey There! Thanks for your support, 7K for character in game is quite normal nowdays, unless it’s for mobile game. I have reviewed it and I just realized there are some areas need to be optimized in terms of polygon

(muhuk) #14

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing the timelapse video.

(calicrazedbeats) #15

Dis looks amazing. Great Detail. Digin the belly shield

(colkai) #16

Superb quality. :slight_smile:

(Advocat) #17

Nice, I hand painted texture really takes the character to the next level! Did you make the modelling / sculpting too?

(sonikka) #18

Hey there, yes I did the modeling and sculpting too. Thanks!

(Enya) #19

Your works inspire me to learn how to make cool looking hand-painted textures. This one simply looks amazing !!