3D header not appearing, plus rotating around vertex

Hello there… I’ts been a while since I used Blender and now getting used to the interface again… so I’m having two doubts for starter I couldn’t find anywhere the answer.

  1. I can’t get the 3D header view to be placed in the 3D view, the manual says right click but my right click do not give me the option to add it. Just split etc.
    2)How can I rotate the view around selected vertex, edge on edit mode?

Thanks in advance

I think that your problems here are related, and that the apparently missing 3D header is a consequence of attempting to rotate around the vertex.

One way to rotate an object around the vertex (or edge), is to select the vertex or edge, and then press Shift-Skey and choose the menu option “cursor to selected”. Then, in the 3d header, select “3d cursor” as the pivot point. You will be able to rotate the object around the vertex.


  1. you have a big fat 3D view header on the bottom of the quad view. If for some reason you want to have the header on every view, you’d have to split the window. In quad view the header would be just a waste of screen space, but so is the whole quad view in my opinion. If you’re modeling something from a modeling sheet, two views are enough to see at a time.
  2. User preferences -> interface -> rotate around selection.