3d hud?


So, I got to thinking, I want a 3D HUD like in the Cryengine SDK

you can’t tell very well in that pic, though. :frowning:

I should also mention Borderlands

I have not found a decent way to achieve such effects beyond just rotating HUD elements to the side a little bit.

Any suggestions are welcome!!

A nice touch is to enable slow parent in the object properties panel, set around to .1 or .2 for just a little more mmpf

I’m not sure but does the games above has anything beyond a rotated plane? :confused:

You mean for making it sway with movement?

EDIT: We posted at the same time, guramarx! :smiley:

I don’t know, honestly. That could be all there is to it.

I do not see the problem. All objects are 3D already.

A HUD, is typically an overlay scene. There is nothing that prevents you to let your overlay scene be 3D as it already is.

Right Monster, but usually you don’t see video games with a HUD that looks nothing more than 2D, which is why I gave those examples. I’m not entirely sure how to make it look as close as possible to the picture(s) above.

Well with good texturing skills of course!

Here is a very simple demo.

I hope you see it is 3D enough ;).

Making it look good is up to your artistic skills.

btw. the elements are rotated. That is a normal technique. Otherwise you would not be able to read anything.


SimpleHudDemo.blend (506 KB)

Now that looks good.

you may use a curvemodifier on the hudelemts too to give it this extra curved helmet projection

I didn’t even think of that. Genius idea.