3D Lenticular Movie Screens

Hey guys, came up with a great idea, something blender artists may want to try and develop.

A 3D Lenticular Movie played on a 3D Lenticular Movie Screen.

What I’m talking about is sorta like this:

Only as a movie, see what I mean? The actual terminator head is made up of even and odd fields going vertical (sort of), so why couldn’t we have an animation of such a thing, then, create a 3D Lenticular Screen and play it on there? Is this possible? I believe so, it would have to be a rear projection and it would have to be exactly aligned, but we may be able to do this now days since we have digital projectors and other such advanced technology.

What do you think? Any takers?

The whole purpose is to have a 3d movie where you don’t have to wear them dang glasses, thus a much more enjoyable movie experience.

Anybody at all know what I’m talking about?

There have already been versions of this for stereoscopic TVs. The problem being there are only so many viewing sweet spots to put your head for it to work. Also, but going lenticular you have to keep your head straight up and down, tilting to one side slightly will ruin the effect.

Not to mention… how would you store this data? That’s a crapload of images for one frame. :spin:

Not really, it’s no different than the A B/Even Odd fields that you see in progressive footage.

Also, I believe if you are going to be far enough away from the screen then it shouldn’t matter whether you are off to the side a little or not, kinda like in that youtube video, unless you are viewing the movie at a 39 degree angle (which would be torture to watch a normal movie at), then you wouldn’t have much of a problem at all.

Actually it’s not a new idea… just that the price on lenticular 3D monitors is pretty serious. I was running a programme teaching Blender where the if students made decent models in time we were to import them to this other program for 3D show… problem was the course was only a few days and organisers bungled in so much other stuff there wasn’t time to make those decent models.

You are talking about a 3D “prismatic” lenticular lens monitor and not one of those over priced HD monitors with “3D capabilities” (which is a horizontal perspective shift and recombination that requires “3D” glasses) right?

you can actually get them without the need for the glasses now.

Ah I misunderstood you. I thought you meant the image would be different for EVERY angle you looked at it (not just 2 different images).