3D Model for Yoga book

Hallo everybody!

I am looking for someone who (paid, of course!) can create a 3D model for a Yoga book I’m writing. I’m not sure, however, how realistic my expectations are. What I would need is the following:

I have a 2D model already created, and I’d like the artist to model the 3D model according to that 2D sketch (I have views from all sides).

The joints of the 3D Model would need to be “moveable” so that I can put it in different postures and then create “photos” of these postures.

The anatomic structure inside the model would need to be very realistic. E.g. I need a spine with a roughly correct number of vertebrae, so that I can show a back rounded in its upper section, in its mid- and/or lower section, a hyper-extended back, a back bent sideways etc… Same with all other joints (ellbows, knees, shoulders etc.). Moreover, there needs to be a way that I can show how the soft tissue will stretch/bulk in certain postures. E.g. when the arms are raised and shoulders lifted I need to be able to show how the shoulders bunch up towards the ears. Or when the back rounds, I need to be able to show how the stomach folds. This doesn’t have to happen automatically, but there needs to be a way to create such folds/bumps etc. even if it’s by hand, individually for each posture.

Having played around with Blender myself I think that what I want is possible in theory. But what I don’t know is how much time it would take for a skilled artist to create such a model. I am definitely expecting to pay a very fair price for their work. But I don’t have large amounts of money. So what I want might cost more than I can afford.

By the way, I don’t need the artist to put the model in the different postures. I want to do do that myself. So what I need from the artist is to create the model, and then the last part of the job would be for the artist to teach me how to manipulate the finished model into the postures (in Blender). Again, of course I would pay them fairly for that time!

If you are interested in the job, can you let me know what you think how time-cosuming this would be, and thus give me a rough estimate of a fair price?

Best wishes and greetings from Austria,


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