3D model out of 2D drawing

Hi everyone,

my name is Frank and i am quite new to blender. I played around with it a bit for some time and watched some awesome tutorials.

While playing around i wondered, if one could transform a 2D drawing like this into a 3D blender model. I tried it and completly failed (as expected :D).

I own the right to use this picture and i also have some files of it with higher resolution.

Now my question: Is there someone who would transform this drawing into a blender model for me for free as I do not pursue any commercial aims? I just want to have it for private and not for commercial use.

You might want to draw one in wirefame and extended position, then rig it from there. I might try it myself, I’ll get back to you soon.

it’s hard to make that if the picture just show the “animal” from one angel … it’ll leave much to the artist