3D Modeler Needed for Challenging Living Room/Study Set

I have a need for a very interesting bit of 3D modeling work to be used on my television show, Galahad. The basic modeling work involved is to create a living room/study room that contains the following features:

-An entrance/exit to the outside (outside modeling not required)
-bookshelves with lots of classic looking books
-a couple of bay-type windows
-a high ceiling
-a fireplace
-a winding staircase off one side of the room.
-A fancy column in the center of the room

The interesting part of this project is that its purpose is to replace an existing room already shot in live-action. Work is taking place now to completely rotoscope out the characters (using After Effects) and some of the existing furniture and replacing the background with a photorealistic rendering of this 3D set. So, the challenge is to design something that will fit with the current furniture and existing spacial dimensions, but allowing us to extend that space outwards and upwards.

Initial work would be required to analyze 2 episodes of the TV show to see how the scenes were created with the existing furniture and then to present a 2D architectural drawing of the floorplan for the set replacement. Once approved, the 3D modeling and texturing would proceed from there. Since both episodes utilized a different setup for furniture, both setups would need to be considered in the design plan.

This is a paid assignment, but there is not a large budget for this. Negotiations on price would proceed after reviewing the artist’s previous work.

Please be prepared to show samples of your work in architecture. This must be a set that can be rendered to look as realistic as possible.

For information on the TV show, goto http://www.magiqueproductions.com/galahad.htm

The original pilot episode of Galahad aired on local Las Vegas TV and we plan to air the latest episode there as well. We have potential opportunities to air the series on other networks as well. The improvements we are making to the show, including this project, are going to vastly improve its marketability and fundraising power.

Will the virtual set be static in shots or will the camera move through it? The latter will need a lot of render time for that realistic look you want.

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It will be a part of the live-action scene so there will be camera matching going on to render the 3D part to match. So, definitely not static. We will do all the rendering here so you only have to provide the set itself.

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I am currently in contract negotiations with an artist for this job. Provided everything goes through as planned, I will be closing this job posting this week.