3D modeling and Interactivity


I have more or less successfully created a human palm in blender. Also i managed to created classic guitar. My goal is, to be able to show different guitar riffs in 3D environment. So, i some how manage to show one riff in 3D enviromnent with little help of VRML. http://forum.feri.uni-mb.si/images/emoticons/04smile_funny.gif

Now my problem: http://forum.feri.uni-mb.si/images/emoticons/09smile_sad.gif
I would like to show more different guitar riffs. Let’s say that riffs are written somewhere, like in some DataBase… I’m guessing this part, don’t know if this is even possible, http://forum.feri.uni-mb.si/images/emoticons/01smile_jack.gif and when some button is selected, riff coordinates are taken from DB and palm would show desired riff. Also movement from one riff to another must be visible, linear…

http://forum.feri.uni-mb.si/images/emoticons/07smile_singing.gif http://forum.feri.uni-mb.si/images/emoticons/07smile_singing.gif

I’m not obligated to use VRML, but have no other idea…

I would appreciate for some help.

Best regards, Marko

“3D modeling and Interactivity” screams ge to me…

Yes, GE (blender’s game engine) would be the answer.

Create armature for your palm, add action for each accord, and in GE read accords from some kind of database and activate corresponding actions…


Thank you for your quick response. Then obviously I’m moving to the desired direction. Because I all ready created armature, and I’ve actually heard some thing about GE. No experience in GE so far, but I’m willing to learn new stuff :slight_smile:

Before I proceed, one question came to my mind. How it is in the end all represented? I mean GE? After all work is done, I hope that project can be somehow ‘compressed’, and able to open and ‘run’ my app on another computer, with no blender installed? :eek:
? (it would be wonderful if e.g. executable file is the outcome…)
I hope I’m not just blowing dust with my questions, but I really need some help :o

Thanx in advance!


Blender is able to save runtime - it’s blenderplayer.exe with your .blend file included. Together with dlls from blender folder it can be distributed and run on computers without need to install Blender.


Again, I’m impressed at a quick response! Thank you very much.

This is wonderful information, I guess blender is the right tool for me :smiley: !
Before i proceed my work, I have just one more question:
Is it possible to show my final model in some explorer? Let’s say IExplorer or Firefox? And If it is, then I would like to have some HTLM buttons, that substitute my keyboard buttons… Does this work, is it possible? Are there some guide lines on how to do it?

I know, many questions asked, but I’m not very familiar with those things… :frowning: and I see that here I can get some answers.

Thank you (again) :o

Best regards! Marko


Blender has web plugin, that should provide this kind of functionality, look at http://continuousphysics.com/Blender2.42Webplugin.html

You need to have ActiveX enabled in Internet Explorer.


thanks for all replies. I have another question. My goal is to use GE. Which Actuator should i use to make one of the component (bone) armature move. Lets say i want to move just one finger or part of it, by pressing key A on the keyboard.

Best regards, Marko


GE currently only allows replay armature actions created in Blender. It doesn’t allow direct control of armature in realtime.