3D modeling and motion animation of a novel VTOL aircraft embodiment

Scope of Work

3D modeling and motion animation of a novel VTOL aircraft embodiment is required. The model will be composed of (a) a plurality of parallel aircraft wings of rectangular planform and of a specific (data file provided) profile and (b) a fuselage. An animation will demonstrate the VTOL aircraft stationary on the ground prior to takeoff, through takeoff, transitioning from helicopter to horizontal airplane mode flight and landing, wherein the wings will rotate about the fuselage during transitions.

The patent drawings of the novel VTOL aircraft can be found at https://patents.google.com/patent/US10336450B2

This should provide the modeler with ample understanding of the task at hand. Modeling of the actual 3D model will require small variations to be made to the patent embodiment, during further discussion.

I am an individual. My unmaintained website is usysinc.com

The required skill level based upon the above requirements, should be obvious.

The deadline for completion of this task is one week from posting.

During an initial phone communication, the scope of work will be elaborated upon in more detail, after which the contractor will be expected to provide a monetary proposal of expected pricing for this work.

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