3d modeling in your dreams

anyone else get this? anytime i use blender before bed im stuck doing it in my dream and its horrible its like a nightmare its not coherent and your stuck doing it. your aware of it and its just like almost awake but you dont know its fake. and im not making anything really im just in it and its like a gif of me doing the same

i know it sounds fake but its real and its like i think so hard in it and in my dreams my head feels like its just to much information going on.

im sure someone else has a similar experiences as me

Your young willing mind is absorbing biiiig time…

Calm, relax before going to sleep, don’t work, rather read about things that you like, make you feel good & cozy, learn to fly in dreams by your own will…
have a cup of soothing herbal tea with a pinch of honey and milk before going to bed
center self within you, don’t get lost in idolizing… cater to your mental abilities well… it is a great skill
learn to meditate
had same problem, which took quite a while and effort (years and heartaches) to learn to use and master it to an advantage.
Can now create, imagine (visualize, simulate…) everything in my mind (mind’s eye) to the detail, then just translate it to analog and digital, making it real, making self real :wink:
Study masters, the great had all walked the path (i.e. look how Michelangelo hid the touch of god (brain) with Creation of Adam)

A tool (software, money, machine, body…) is extension of conscious self; forgetting, disregarding makes it easy to become dependent, a servant and a slave to the Tool, the Man… or anything else except one self - one god.

I get dreams about 3d modelling but it’s mostly me speed modelling something and looking great in the end and somehow it ends up being in the top row of BA,Polycount,Artstation and CG Society and then it made EA and Eidos montreal switch to blender and then Jim Sterling wants to become a 3d modeller all of the sudden then…

as you can probably guess…

It didn’t work out that way :confused:

Dreams are weird.

there was a phase in my life i got interested in aliens and UFOs, cus back in my city i used to spot about 5 to 13 flying small dots of light in the night sky almost every day and they was silent and have a noisy motion, and i started getting really vivid dreams about aliens every night, they was very creative and real, eventually i stopped thinking about this stuffs because some of the dreams started to become really scary, but in your situation i think this is not necessarily a bad think , it just tell me that you are really passionate about modeling

I must be one of those rare people that don’t seem to get frequent dreams about something I like doing no matter how much it’s done. Dreams of me using Blender are very uncommon despite the fact I use it all the time (it’s far more likely for me to have a dream about watching Blender development and rendering).

The random nature of my dreams can get annoying in cases when I actually want to have something happen in my dreams (Dragons for instance), it almost never happens (but instead I might get a dream about something that I barely think about or don’t have much interest in) :rolleyes:

I can’t remember of having dreams of modeling even I might have modeled something before sleep. Mostly my dreams are still about something else.
But if I read something, it might cause. Even for when I’m awake. I have 1-type diabetes and if I read something during the blood sugar gets low, it might cause some annoying awake "dreams " where you think, that you are part of the story some how.

What irks me about that is when I go looking for the asset later…

yeah learn in blender how to make larger game maps and learn how to work with python and bge

Sounds like you’ve got a case of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetris_effect :slight_smile: