3D Modeling of Images for Game


My wife and I are making a game and we need some 3d models made for some designs that we have.
The designs need to be modeled with game performance in mind. So keep vertex / polygon count low and use materials / textures rather than geometry to render the details of the model. Also set the key frame to linear.
No designing is needed just modeling of the images that we will provide. If the models go well we might also pay for some small animations but that is not required. The Rigify plugin is not allowed for animations because it bloats the model.

Hi, i send you a PM.

Hi, see my work https://andyartisand.carbonmade.com/ I would like to be part of your project

Hi, please check my PM, thank you :slight_smile:

if you post the images I can model them for you. (low price/poly)

I am new to blender. This looks like an amazing software. Been using Corel draw for 20 years. this is a jump.

Hello, I can make for you models. Im 3d low poly artist. look at my works http://hexartportfolio.hostei.com/

Can I help?

If you’d like, I can make them. My Portfolio:

It gonna be beneficial for those persons who need work for survive???

Hi, please check my PM, thank you.

Hi. My folio is this one…

If you need anything just contact me by [email protected]