3D Modeling Quote

Hi I was wondering If I could get a quote to model a Frankenstein Head. Possibly others depending on time, money, and quality of work. I wouldn’t need any textures just the head. I have specific reference images for this project so not just any generic Frankenstein will do. This will likely be modeled after Boris Karloff or Glenn Strange. I’m not certain what something like this would cost to model so I’m getting some different quotes.


Should the model be “just” a bust sculpt, or should be a quad based model?.. If the latter, do you have a polygon count preference?

As tuqueque says and could you give an idea of the finished quality you are after? - realistic/stylised/cartoon also what it will be used for - games/static model/poseable. It’s not possible to quote without more information.


This would be a quad based model / bust. Above game level quality (I.E. Not a lower poly count) But also not a really high polygon count either. This would be in the middle somewhere enough to not make it a cartoon but must have all the basic characteristics of the head i.e. facial features, folds etc. No Textures or bump mapping. I’m thinking of 3d printing the model if that gives you an Idea.

Also you wouldn’t need to model the hair. Just as long as their is a transition from head to the hairline.

Hi man.
That’s my folio…


I hope you like it, send me a email if you’re interested, we can agree with a good price for you vs quality standards

Pm sent.

Thank you to everyone who has replied and quickly I might add. I will pm you when I have my decision.