3D Modeling Technician Intern Position in Poway (San Diego), CA

3D Modeling Technician Intern in Poway (San Diego), CA

Looking for San Diego area student, to work on-site in Poway, CA, to use Blender to create 3D building/vehicle models - models exported in OpenFlight format, to be used with Presagis Creator, Terra Vista, & Vega Prime applications for UAV Flight Simulator Terrain Visualization application.

  • Stewart
    Flight Simulator Products Project/Systems Engineer

For clarification, this is a paid internship, correct?

Yes, as such, the post was made to the “Paid Work” sub-forum.

My apologies, then. Paid internships are a rarity and we’ve had a few members posting non-paying jobs in the Paid Work forum, so I hope you’ll forgive the request for clarification.

No problem - I guess my viewpoint may be a bit skewed, as all the internships I’ve been associated with (called student programmers/technicians, in the “old days” of the early 80’s when I worked through the SDSU Foundation at Tracor & Naval Ocean System Center-NOSC in Pt. Loma) were always paid… heck, without the students, nothing would have ever gotten done at NOSC.

Sorry ahead for offroading the thread :slight_smile: I use Presagis’s Creator at work and Blender for myself at home. I am curious why does your workflow involve both? If it’s not a secret of course !

O.O I wish I saw this in February when I was a student. I live in the San Diego area and prefer Blender. Just graduated after a lot of time spent on my finals that coincidentally started in February and lasted to May.