3D Models Invisible in Blender 2.91

I am new to blender 2.91 and only started working with it recently. I ran into a problem.

Each model that I have downloaded and imported seem to go invisible whenever I go into “Material Preview” or “Wideframe”. The model turns invisible with only its bones and outlines visible.

My computer is strong. However, it has an old part to it. An HDD. My guess is, that it is the cause of the issue. It runs on a free Windows 10 as well. I am wiping it and getting it replaced soon with a 500gb SSD. However, my laptop that can barley run Blender 2.91 without burning down loads these textures, while my “NASA” PC does not.

Another one of my guesses is that something that was installed on my PC before blender is messing with it.

P.S This happens to any model no matter of developer or file.

Please help.

your image is not clear but have u tried adding a light

also if go to edit near window there will be a screenshot option

also i don t think your pc is the problem
it seams like your model is too big try making it small

wire frame mod is only meant to show outlines

If you’re using an AMD GPU, downgrade your video drivers to version before 20.11.2. Alternatively, try the current 2.92 Beta build, there’s supposed to be a workaround for this driver issue in there.

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Just make a screendump with ‘snip and sketch’ instead of photographing the screen :wink:
That way the UI is more visible.

Other than that, share a scene so we can see what’s going on. It’s probably something really simple.

The person I shared this exact model with, doesn’t have any such problems. He didn’t change the size. When I loaded it on my Laptop I didn’t touch anything and saw the textures.

I’ll look into this. Thanks.