3d Models required- Paid


i would like to know if you would be interested in creating medieval Castles/Houses, Trees and other scenary for a game my team is currently modding.

£30 - £50 per textured model. Ideally Blender 3d

2D sprites of Fantasy characters also required 15 poses in 8 rotations =120approx frames, 14colours

Please, Thanks


Do you have more details ? I am potentially interested, but I’d like to know what sort of complexity you need. Can you show us some examples ?

Hi Gwenouille,

that would be Cool,
Basically I am the Global Spokesperson for Warhammer Dark Omen, a PC/PSX game from 1998. After being left so disappointed by Mark Of Chaos, I found my old Dark Omen CD and started to unite all fans and original Modders together, to celebrate its 10th Anniversary. Since then we achieved alot, thanks to a great Mod team and I’m even in contact with the original Mindscape/EA developers, who kindly replied to my letter of thanks for creating such a good game that still hasn’t been beaten 10 years later and also offered thier assistance to help further our Mods and community and even look in the EA Archives for a possible release of the Source Code.

We are now requiring new Fantasy 3d Textured Scenary models to import into the game using our own Blender Import script. Objects like Castles and trees etc.

Unfortunately their Textures are limited to 128x128 256colours .BMP files

So please check us out


Original Church 3d Model

Original 28 maps now available in multiplayer

My own basic 3d attempts






and my own limited 2d Sprites

Reference Material -Mark Of Chaos Level Editor for inspiration only as too high quality

and the truely excellent Call of Warhammer Medieval 2 Mod


All assistance will be greatly appreciated and admired by a small and friendly Global Community and may even be used in one of our modders own future game engines!


hi i’m interested in doing characters :slight_smile: do u need 2d concepts or 3d models ?

I sent you a PM

Looks like fun.

Thanks for the expert interest
Any New 2d Sprites must be made in 4bit 16 Colours and Indexed within GIMP ->Image->Mode->Indexed -> 16 colours to be ready to import/export with our Dark Omen Sprite Mod tool.



They have on average 120 separate animation frames, so 15 poses viewed from all 8 angles at a 45 degree angle. These can be hand drawn like the originals or even made by rotating 3d Character Models that can be screen shotted in each pose and angle and then made smaller into a sprite. Or they can simply made by repainting originals and using them as a good foundation to start with.

However, we already have some talented Fans who have made a great start Expanding Dark Omen by adding new units and races like Dark Elves,Brettonnia,Chaos,Chaos Dwarves,Dwarves,Kislev,Ogre Kingdoms,Orcs,Vampire Counts,Wood Elves. Since the original Game contains limited amounts of Empire Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs and Goblins and Undead.So if you have a favourite Race or Character please let us know to add it to the list, to avoid duplications. There are High Elves, Skaven and Lizardmen to do as well as expanding the army Lists of each race.

I also have the complete collection of 1st(1983) -5th(2000) Edition Warhammer Table Top Rule Books,with loads of inspiring artwork and Character Pictures/Descriptions and with our Troop stats editor we can recreate them, since Dark Omen is the only true 4th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Table Top Multiplayer Game ever! There is of course Shadow of the Horned Rat 1995 pc/psx prequel to Dark Omen, that is also excellent reference material.

Warhammer Rule Books

As for 3d scenary models each Race have their own particular style of Fortress/Castle, along with Watch Towers and Buidlings. There are also Trees and more natural objects required to create separate landscapes, so we can compile a list of required models to share around. Again there are lots of inspiring resources available, including the Rule books and other stuff.

So in reality I can initially afford £150 minimum a month, that could go towards a couple of large Textured Castles or several smaller/simpler 3d Models like Watch Towers, trees etc…and also any new 2d Sprite Sheets. There is alot to get through so I would ideally keep this as regular,small time,Humble project. I’m blown away by the proffessional talent out there so want to ensure you all know what u getting into.
Nearly all the mod tools have been created so its time to put them to full effect! So new Races Troops and their Portraits, Sprites, Banners, voices and Stats, fighting on new Maps(Flat until possible hight maps can be created, last mod to be made) and new scenary, buildings, trees etc… A dream come true!
All of our Mods and Tools are Free to download and all Mod data is documented on our Wiki.
Our monthly Tournament Battle Vids are also available to view


I’ll give a shot with castles, watch towers, medieval houses, etc… Just P.M. me with some images from a game you really like or something of that sort so that I know exactly how you want it. (:
I’ll give you my e-mail too once you P.M. me.

hi all,
sorry- just got back from vacation but great to see some more talant. This is great news for the Game and our Dark Omen Global Community. So I will compile a list of some basic models for us to start with and each of you can give it go.

Hi all,

I’m just transfering my website to a new server in Sweden and off on holiday this Friday for a week but when I return there will be a new section of the website that lists possible characters and scenary models for all interested to choose from.
Again, thnx for all the interest as this is very exciting news for our community.


@OllyOrc: I’m not interested, but I advise you to post your offer in the News and Discussion forum. It’ll get a lot more audience and response, and it really belongs there.

Cool, I’m back from Holiday and have created a new section on the Dark Omen Forum

That shows simple Houses from the prequel 1995 Shadow Of The Horned Rat -For an initial test we would like these enhanced and 32bit Colour Texture, for our future own game engines and then reduced to 128x128dimension 256Colour Textures for Dark Omen. I am in also in discussion with the Excellent Medieval2 Call of Warhammer mod and may trade any new scenery for their own 3d Character models, that can be used to create new 2D sprites.

SOTHR Mission 1 Scenery -
micah702 - could we ask you to produce an enhanced version of House 4 in both 32bit Colour textures and 256 colours for Dark Omen please.
Gwenouille - please let me know if you interested as I can post another House for you to enhacne and recreate or even have a go at a Tree please.
Richard Culver -could we ask you to produce House 6 but without they water wheel please.
agrmrs - if interested could we ask you kindly to make any new 3d Character models for Call of Warhammer Total War (i send you more info) but then they can also be then used to create 2d sprites for Dark Omen.

The combining of our Dark Omen mods with the Total War Call of Warhammer Mod has not been confirmed yet as they have initially said yes but wish me to post on their Forum and get the approval of all their Team but unfortunately the TWCenter website is down. They have over 100,000 members, so if it all goes ahead and you are agreeable, then your models can be appreciated by both sets of Fans, Dark Omen and Call of Warhammer. I also have modded the Total War Games, so can provide more details closer to the time. Ultimately by trading new Scenery I will have their permission to use their vast array of 3d character models. I have already tried and tested this method but it does mean reducing their 32bit textures down to 16 colours for Dark Omen Sprites. Please let me know if you only want to produce for Dark Omen as still under discussion.




I will also be writing a simple Blender to Dark Omen Guide for others to follow on the Forum soon, to show the whole process and our Convertor Tools but also some of the games original Houses and scenery.
After producing these simple Houses we can progress onto more compilcated scnery such as Castles/Fortress, Trees and WatchTowers.
Many Thnx

Original Dark Omen Scenery and Texture Examples - All Maps

As for Cost, depending on outcome I will pay £20 for these initial simple Test Houses and in the future £30 for a complex House and £50 for a Fortress/Castle and £10 -£15 for some excellent Trees or smaller ruins/monuments. Please remember my limit is £150 per month and as stated this will be on going project and regular work (There are many Races that require their own Landscapes and scenery). So we all clear that they require 128x128dimension 256 colour textures for Dark Omen, that can easily be reduced from 32bit Colour for Call of Warhammer Mod, our own future game engines and for your own Portfollios.

Many Thnx as this is going to be so cool!


Inspired by House 2 - Ahmet Ünveren
Portfolio - http://www.ahmetunveren.com/

That he has kindly produced with 1024 x1024 texture and 128x128

This is ideal for Dark Omen and I hope to see all the other artists efforts soon, so I can list the next models to be made, such as trees and Castles/Fortress.

Unfortunately Call of Warhammer Medieval 2 Total War Mod can not add new Scenery but they have still kindly granted their permission for me to use the 3d character models to produce 2d sprites.

In Game



Unfortunately their Textures are limited to 128x128 dimension size and
256colours .BMP files. As for the 3D Blender Models they should look
like as good as these existing ones, to fit into a Warhammer, Medieval
World please.
Original Dark Omen Scenery and Texture Examples - All Maps






Thanks for all the effort as there are some really good models that u
are all building.
Ideally, any new models would also come with a Burnt Down Charred
remains 3d model of it, since Dark Omen Game engine allows any scenery
to be burnt down and its model replaced with a demolished version of
its self.
Before- http://img695.imageshack.us/i/losbest.png/
After being Burnt Down- http://img708.imageshack.us/i/lostbestburn.png/