3d Movie collection:

(Ecks) #1

Ok I just thought about something. Maybe everyone could post a link to a 3d movie they like. I will begin by introducing: The Killer bean 2:

go here for the Killer bean 2 movie (the best one):

or go here
www.jefflew.com for the killer bean1 movie and for the trailer of the third one.

And I hope everyone will post a link to a movie! :smiley:

(cohort) #2

After getting the “access forbidden” error from that site, I found this:

Important : Please never link to the .mpg file from your site but use the http://www.pocketmovies.net/detail_76.html only

And thanks for this - I was having a helova time getting the QuickTime version on the CGWorld CD to play right (QuickTime issues)

(CubeFan973) #3

Toy Story
Final Fantasy
Waking Life
Snack & Drink

All of these are at your local rental store. (If you have a DVD player… otherwise, you won’t be able to watch “Snack & Drink.”)

(ray_theway) #4

Well, none of these are full-length movies, but they’re still very worthy 3d movies.
Fiat Lux
405 The Movie

Eh, these are the only ones I’ve stumbled on (so far). :wink:

(Alltaken) #5

fiat lux is very cool!!!

i saw it way back. its a huge file.
but it demonstrates how blender users could better use environment maps to produce wicked work.

i loved that clip.

(Bapsis) #6

How about A Bugs Life, Antz, Monsters Inc. and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genious, all very enjoyable 3D movies!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(ben999995) #7

shrek and final fanstasy

(rogerm3d) #8

X-Warrior: Yea killer bean 2 was cool.
ray_theway: 405 The Movie is pretty darn good

I also liked Bad Karma, Iceland, Voodoorama, and of corse the Horus series. :smiley: :smiley:

(rwv01) #9

wow. That must have taken months!
That was great!

As for my favorite CG movie:
Jimmy Neutron.

I want a dog like Goddard!

(CubeFan973) #10

“Antz” was pretty fun. “A Bugs Life” wasn’t anywhere near “Toy Story.” “Monsters Inc.” was boring the second time I saw it. “Jimmy Neutron” seems pretty dumb for a film based on science fact. (Well, Nickelodeon always portrays it that way, I think.)

BTW: I just realized that “Waking Life” and “Snack & Drink” shouldn’t be here… they’re live-action-rotoscoped-2D! Well, its CG, so it should count…