3d moving animation clips needed (paid work)

Hello animators ! I love Blender, it looks absolutely awesome and one day I hope to learn to use it. However, my life is far too busy at this point and hence, I need to pay someone for the following. Here’s what I would like.

Imagine a camera mounted on the front of a vehicle going down a road at 15 to 20 mph ( speed probably not all that important as I can adjust later ).

There may be flat straight sections ( imagine a clip for that )
There may be flat left curve sections ( car going around a curve for some period of time, but from the aspect of the camera that is on the front of the car, car not in it, just the road movement - like a video race car game )
There may be flat left curve sections

All of the above are needed

Plus, I need ones where it appears that you are going downhill ( i.e. the horizon is higher in the animation ) and uphill ( where the horizon is lower.

What I am looking for is clips of these 5 minutes long with random objects ( like trees, buildings, parked cars or buses on the side of the road ) that move properly by as the clip moves forward through the road.

What I intend to do is assemble these clips together in different sequences which I will publish as movies I am using on a site ( still in development ) and I will also be superimposing directional graphics over some sections ).

So the clips, need to be ones that I can import into a production like Movie Studio Platinum

If anyone is interested in working on these feel free to contact me so we can clarify any questions, negotiate a cost, etc.



Message sent.

Hello my name is Ron Louis,
I am interested in this project, we can talk