3D Museum Fantastyca / Blender & Unity

Hello everyone

This is my first interactive project using Blender and Unity. Many years ago I created a jump’n’run using Blender’s internal game engine but that is a different story.

This game is an immersive digital experience of a walk through a virtual museum. You play as a visitor and slender through four different rooms each representing a unique topic. You can admire different exhibits that have been recreated from their physical form into a digital version. Most of the pieces are from Sketchfab.

I started this project about a year ago to dip my toes into the world of interaction design. This started as an educational project to learn more about the process of creating something in a game engine. I see a lot of potential regarding virtual places and rooms in the future. Not only because one is able to create imaginative locations but also enables to share your ideas to everyone around the world. Assuming they have an internet connection. It even provides access people with mobility impairment to experience new places. Virtual spaces in games or in the metaverse can open new doors for people with certain disabilities which I consider a big plus.

The Creation

I started the layout with a 2D drawing to roughly sketch out the different areas. Then I build the architecture and created the UV-maps in Blender and exported everything into Unity as various FBX-files. I later found out that it is possible to directly import a Blendfile into Unity without having to use an intermediate file format.

I chose Unity because it is very artist friendly. Since I have no experience in coding its visual scripting language BOLT offers a great alternative. That way it was possible for me to recreate almost everything I wanted to.

Here some screenshots of the game.

Looking for a relaxing walk in a virtual place? I invite you to download it at itch.io

The duration of a visit takes about 5 to 10 minutes.
Works on Windows.

Have fun and stay safe!

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Here is a short sneak peak of a walk through, enjoy!