3D Notebook?

Did anyone see this?

a “3d notebook” in the news

I wonder if something like this could ever work with Blender.


Theyve had 3d screens out for awhile now. You could most likely get it to work with blender, as all it does is pretty much display two images on the screen and then makes it so you can only see one with each eye.

I remember reading about that when they announced the screen a couple years ago. Very interesting, but it’s way too expensive for me. Otherwise, I’d get one.

I would guess that it works in conjunction with OpenGL, but it may require special drivers for the software to generate the dual images. The included 3D viz software:

the laptop will come with an evaluation version of the Amira® visualization package from Mercury Computer Systems for realistic 3D visualization of 3D models for medicine, biology, physics or engineering.

probably could be used on exported models, but that doesn’t help much when blenderizin’, eh?