3d online school/course

Hi All,
please do you know some good and price-affordable online(study via internet) 3d school (am living in Europe)? Have studied computers for about 10 years (programming) but REALLY would like to change it to CG. Until now am just 3d-hobby-self student. And I think that to be really serious about CG I need and want to start school.
Many thanks.


seriously this media develops so fast, being
you can learn it yourself by going through online tutorials.
they are more up to date than some 3d classes and also provide you
what you need to learn the technical parts.

for concept it is something different. there a class would be good. however there
are also institutes which educate as well. it is like going to school - while they
are no design schools. more like an academy …

you do not end with a BFA but an educational certificate.


If you’re serious: http://animationmentor.com/

But it won’t be cheap.