3D Pacman Homage project

This was my initial starting point. I simply took a screenshot of pacman, UV wrapped it onto a plane, and built a 3D rendition on top of it so everything would be in exact proportion.

hi is your project aim a still picture of packman chasing the ghosts through the maze? (or being chased!) or an animation? or a blender game engine game?

This was for the BlenderGuru Video Game themed still-render competition. I have a few more pictures that sorta document my progress. I have basically no experience with the Blender Game engine, so I wouldn’t really be able to make it into a game at this point. It’s also probably ridiculously high poly for a game. Honestly, when I post the final product from this project, if you have experience with the Blender Game engine and want to try turning it into a game, I’d be cool with sending you the blend file.

This is the day two render. It was coming along pretty well. Still in infancy as far as overall aesthetics are concerned.

Coming together. Finally finished the Ghosts and Pacman was coming along. The portals on the sides were ugly, but they were more of a place holder for the final construct.

This render was more for building the final concept than anything else. I had finished the side portals and added a joystick and start buttons. I also changed the floor from the glossy shader to the diffuse for the sake of render times. My new system hasn’t arrived and the competition was closing in fast.

This was the final render for the competition. I had a lot of little things I wanted to clean up and add, but didn’t get a chance. Still, I like how the joysticks came out and I think the 2D border contrasts with the 3D rendition of the maze nicely. It makes it pop a little more.

That came out very cool! Nicely done!