3D People - What do you recommend?

Hi. I am trying to update my 3d people library to something a bit nice.
I am using Dosch people and they look like zombies…I was wondering where do you get your 3d people.
Preferably good quality and affordable, but I know it is hard.

Thank you

If you want the best possible results for your use case, make your own people :slight_smile: you can pretty easily find a basemesh here, on Blender Market, Turbo Squid, ArtStation, or CGTrader, and customize it to your needs. Or if you’re feeling ambitious you can make your own base mesh- there’s some great tutorials on YouTube, check out Dikko’s channel

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If you need to make a lot of custom rigged people, or even unrigged people, character creator 3 can be useful. But as josephhansen mentioned, best is to make them yourself. Assuming you don’t need a lot of them. However, people are extremely hard to model, particularly the ears, the inside of the mouth, and the hands. So, yeah, it is daunting, but at the end of the day, it’s all yours, and you control every aspect of it. That said, I use a combination of my own models and CC3 models, depending on what I need.


oh no. I meant where to buy or find. I am not interested in modeling humans…It was more about what good libraries you know with good quality.

thank you

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Hi I use people from three Different character eco systems

Iclone Character creator

Daz 3D

see my tutorials on using them via free add-ons for blender

Also, I have gotten some decent free Character meshes from sketchfab and rigged them with Autorig pro.


BlenderKit has two models I like a lot - MaleBodyReference and FemaleBodyReference. Lovely topology and UV mapping, useful as a guide for building one’s own stuff. If you want people to fill a scene or game, and/or need more flexible licensing, MBLab and MakeHuman are my go-to favorites. The older MBLab licensing is particularly useful for game engines.

I am looking for people for Archviz, not gaming, I am more interested in the shading and cloth quality.

I have bought a lot from axyz design, had to be hand picked since some of them (mostly old models) are zombie like. Another library we use is from Humano and renderpeople.
Humano is quite expensive but their blend files have mask for skin, clothes, hair, etc.

You won’t find good and affordable. Some of the ones I frequent:

I always retouch the models, textures and materials to add realism. Hair and eyes are critical and a big weak point for 3d people.

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Thank you all for the great tips

Hello… I use a program called Character Creator by Reallusion. They can make some super realistic characters. Excellent facial expression, body movement… The combination of real and toon characters is massive. There is a morph for just about everything. Nice thing is, it’s a perpetual license, no rentware.

There is a plug in to import into Blender with ease and import fully rigged with physics.

The above character was created using a photo of a real person, not a morph from a base figure. (face only, the rest is off a base form). You can create 3D models of people you know if you wanted.

This is one of my toonish characters. This was created using both human and toon morphs.

another toonish character

There is a pipeline to zbrush as well as blender for easy transfer for sculpting to customize even more.

No I do not work for them LOL… but I do really like their software. It takes a lot of work out of creation and animation.


I have a human generator plugin too…but I need some variation when it comes to clothes and styles for archviz. For example, now I am working with a scene that needs to have children in summer clothes and a happy mood…so if HG had a big library of clothes…could actually replace any need for an external costly catalog with 45 USD for one person.

these ones are great and may work well for archviz in closeups, but they aren’t cheap either : https://renderpeople.com/3d-posed-people/

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Depends on what your budget is, I suppose.

The Daz base models are FREE along with the Daz studio program to dress morph& export them.

so is the diffeomorphic addon to import them to
blender where you can retarget Mixamo to them.

The diffeo add-on will convert the imported Daz figures to Rigify.

And you can use the free Expykit retargeter for the rigify IK control rig.

Or you may leave them as simple FK rigs
and use the free Roccoco retargeter to use mixamo motions

They look better by default than the Iclone/CC4 models and certainly better than HUMGEN.

Iclone 8/ CC4 has a $900 USD initial buy-in before you even start buying addition clothing etc.

Yes you have to buy addition clothing.hair and morphs for the Daz figures ,to get variety, but their content is alot cheaper than any of the other 3D Character content markets I have seen thus far.

At any rate , you have many options only limited by your personal budget.