3D Physics Focused Platforming Roguelike - Needing a Passionate Artist/Modeler (Rev Share)

Hey there Blenderinos,

I’m quite a long way into the process of building my game, and i am needing someone that is passionate about the kind of gameplay you’ll see below, and, is capable of creating the concept art and modeling. (Depending on how many people reply here maybe the concept art and modelling can be filled by 2 people? idk).

My friend was going to fill this role, but he got a really demanding job and told me to go looking for peeps on here.

Here is what it looks like (this is actually quite old footage, it has an in-game level editor now, and considerably tighter looking effects n feedback, i’ll share more with interested parties ofc):

This game is set a facility built deep underground, for weapons research. The only way in or out, is at the lowest floor, closest to the core, by a volcanic railway.

purpose of the game is very similar to Isaac, just collect upgrades that alter ur playstyle which stack, and then reach the railway and escape.

I have more info on the artistic direction in general, but as a quick rundown of the type of vibe I would like:

//I apparently can post more than 2 links, there was supposed to be a picture of portals puzzle creator here, so maybe google it, and a picture of portal 2 in general.


(Dani Diez is the artist, if i had resources to spare, would hire him in a heartbeat.)

Pretty much portal graphics, but i love Dani’s palettes and texturing, would be great to have some sort of mix of that and substance, with the simplistic but grungey aesthetic of portal. Just a focus on substance painter for the materials would be really important as i want this game to look like a gritty toy, that plastic shading, metallic pieces, obviously a little childlike in that it has clear whimsy, but still feeling like this place / thing could exist.

I have plans to create a VR Co-op mode for this title, or just a side release, as i am primarily a VR/AR Game Dev by trade, which is another reason that simplistic and cartoony/toylike design like this is important for me, as it looks best in those kinds of headsets.

That being said, i’m not gonna be a stick in the mud about shifting artistic visions, my eyes are open, and i am very excitable in general. I’d like to see what you have as an idea, even if it potentially has lore implications (I have some lore, but i’m not entirely married).

I’m an easy going dude, like silly shit, and i have a ton of projects that i would love to have a consistent team member helping me with, fueling one another with energy and pumping out beautiful art together.

Anyways enough with the mushy gushy n whatnot,
You will be compensated with 40% cut of all earnings

Please post a portfolio, or simply add me on discord Soltar#4159, thanks!

Appreciate you taking the time to read this,
n hope it ur eyes light up.

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