(3D Platform Game)

(3D Platform Game)…


Hello. Very nice. Really kool to see BGE used for your project. Please continue the great work and please update this thread as I am sure many will follow the progress of your game.

This is one of the best works in bge I ve seen in a long time for sure:D keep up the great work

Looks great! Is this made in Blender game engine?

Everything is just excellent, keep it up!!

Great job! Keep it up :slight_smile:

Great! Looks fantastic!

good game congrats

Great game. Nice graphics and fun gameplay! Are you using only logic bricks or Python too in your game?

Many thanks to all who accompanied and supported the project.


nice work
its been a verylong time sens someone posted a game on here !!!

cool. has that 64 graphics feel to it.

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