3D printable Harley Quinn project.

I’ve been working on and off on this Harley Quinn model for a long time with the intent of eventually getting it printed. It’s getting near completion, but my most recent attempts at rigging with Rigify didn’t turn out too well. I’m not too great at weight painting and I couldn’t get the elbow, knee, or the butt areas deforming in a satisfying way and I don’t know how to add extra bones to a Rigify rig for the face or the hat-thingies. I’m also afraid if I add extra geometry to the elbows and knees I’ll have to redo the UVs, textures, and multires sculpting.

Here’s what I have so far.

So in short, my questions are:
-Does the geometry/topology look okay?
-Can I add to Rigify or should I build my own rig from the ground up?