3D printed dinosaur foot

Allosaurus foot and ankle available to buy HERE

Sculpted in Blender 2.79. Bronze effect achieved with dry brushed acrylic paint.
Available in the same scales as my Allosaurus skull - 1:8, 1:10, 1:12 and 1:16.

Main references:
Madsen, James H., Jr. (1993) [1976]. Allosaurus fragilis: A Revised Osteology. Utah Geological Survey Bulletin 109 (2nd ed.). Salt Lake City: Utah Geological Survey.
Gilmore, Charles W. (1920). “Osteology of the carnivorous dinosauria in the United States National Museum, with special reference to the genera Antrodemus (Allosaurus) and Ceratosaurus”. Bulletin of the United States National Museum. 110: 1–159.

Photography by the amazing Mushroom Imaging

Pretty cool 3D print. Is the bumpy surface part of the printing or is that done post-process? If it is part of the print, was it a bump map or something else?

With the bumpy surface and paint, looks great…

Thanks, the grainy look is a quality of the print material, it’s Shapeways WSF plastic. The bumpiness is more noticeable because the model is quite small (1:12 scale) but the textured surface takes paint quite well. I have made the model available in more expensive HDA which is smoother and more detailed.

Thanks, glad you like it.

Can you share photo in HDA pls? Must be amazing

I haven’t ordered a part in this material myself yet. A customer got one of my Allosaurus arms done in HDA and liked the result. From the look of the photos he/she showed me it’s a semi-gloss black material that holds fine detail well. I’m going to sculpt a Tyrannosaurus skull soon and I’ll probably order an HDA print for that.

One of the benefits of displaying the work printed in WSF is that it shows you can get decent results with just the basic materials.