3D printed robot character

There was a broken 3D printer at my university, and I was asked to fix it by one of my professors. I took it home this weekend to see what I could do. The whole machine was way out of calibration, and had some hardware damage as well. Fixed the damage and have been re-calibrating it. And no makerbot tech-support, updating the firmware is not going to fix it.

I think I have something here. The character stands just under 3cm. (Basically, he is very tiny) While not a perfect replication of the original model, it actually worked.
Print time: 39 minutes

I’m going to post a video of the printer working later.

Heh, that looks pretty cool. Just under 3cm is indeed tiny - pretty detailed for such a small character!

Good Luck with getting it fixed! btw that robot model almost looks like the BlendSwap one :slight_smile:
Did you base the model off that??

Apparently, I have fixed it. I have to say, I was expecting it to be a little easier to operate though.

Yeah, I based the robot off of the swapbot. I did a character modelling, rigging, and animating tutorial using him. The guy who runs blendswap actually commented on it, which I thought was pretty cool.