3D printing, problems with STL files.

Hi folks, I’m not sure where this post should really be, so appologies if you feel it inappropriate in here.

Today I have unwrapped an Ultimaker 3 which comes with Cura. It took an hour to get the printer completely setup, and I’ve been struggling for 5 hours to get anything to print.

It appears Cura doesn’t accept Blender STL.

Can anyone confirm if this is correct, wrong, or what I might be able to do to get around the problems?

Cura 2.7.0
Blender 2,78c

Many thanks.

It appears Cura doesn’t accept Blender STL.
Yes it does. Did you check with a simple model like a cube, maybe you have an errors from the model you are trying to import (error messages, is it very very small, is it suitable for printing etc)

Enable the 3D Printing Toolbox addon that comes with blender to check your model

Post a link to a model that doesn’t work

Can confirm everything works fine here too. I write to .stl files daily for 3d printing in Cura.

I use 1 blender unit = 1 mm, so you may need to check your scale.