3d projects and sketchbook

Hi heres some of my recent work made either just to practice or to add to my portfollio. any comments and crits are extreamly appreciated thanks!

edit: the top image is the final for the bridge scene


heres the m4 and oh pleases check out my new portfollio the work on its abit outdated but i wanted to get it up and running http://davidgportfollio.webs.com/


Hey renderdave,

The Material on your bridge looks great but the water shader needs some work, at the moment it’s undermining your scene instead of supporting it.

Out of curiosity, what’s your workflow to UDK?

thanks blenderer not sure what part of the workflow you want but heres all of it. my workflow runs like this: high poly model-low poly model- unwrap - bake ao and nomals - take baked maps into photoshop - create diffuse, then spec and nomals from nvidia plugin to overlay the baked normals. i then save all the maps in .tga format,go back and export the blender model as a .ase file.
then i open up udk import the files create a material bringing all three images together and put it onto the model. i add collision to the model and fracture it if it is destructable. then its just about placeing the models together or using the terrain editor to form a map.

Nice work. Yes, water is a bit blue, but you can easily fix that. Looking good!

I like the pool without water or people. Creepy. It’s sort of a poem, if that makes sense.

cheers 3dmedieval. heres a quick turntable in marmoset toolbag of the girder prop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0ZYY04-nyU

heres an update on the lighting just to one single point light but with deep orange shadows and i also changed the water to one that comes with udk for now.


I use a mirror instance under the water plane and then lower the opacity of the material of the upper water plane. That way you can really get some nice more ambient effects. Looks good already though. Weird are the parts your water suddenly changes colour…

thanks kiriri heres the reflections i got


heres a quick texture i made while practicing painting lighting into the diffuse. can someone tell me if it looks ok i tryed using my second moniter on this and im not sure if the colors correct on it.


well, it’s nothing you’d notice in the game, but some of your planks reflect the light at their right edge and some on their left . And there’s also no in between extreme reflection and no reflection. However, as I said before, you wouldn’t notice it at all xD
All in all, looks like a photograph :slight_smile:

sorry for the multipul posts ran out of image space:) heres 2 sculpts i have been working on for a few hours not at all perfect but just for practice.


he heres a steampunk style chracter ive been working on for the past hour and a half its based on the concept found here:

and please if you can comment or crit is is extreamly appreciated.


Hi Im back, sad to see no comments :(. but anyway heres somthing i been doing for the past hour minus the render time :). please comment if its bad or good i dont mind helps keep me motivated thanks ! :wink:


Heres a update on my bridge scene in udk changed the lighting added a new terrain material and used matinee . and the post production effects for the first time.
link to vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FExTi4RCEVk
sorry about the video quality. and again please please tell me what you think:eyebrowlift:


Hey this looks realy nice!!!
I have nothing bad to say:)
Keep up the good work!

thank you bahamapascal! :eyebrowlift: . heres my first vertex shader on a broken plane part. works pretty well and can see it saving alot of texture memory. all the same mesh same textures but mixed up abit with vertex paint.


Nice work. I love the steampunk guy! :smiley: Are you going to model the whole body or is it just a bust?

Yes, I like the steam guy as well. I’d like to see him with more involved textures. The bridge scene is looking really nice as well.

thanks for the comments:eyebrowlift:. the steampunk guy is going to stay as a bust but i plan to texture him on a low poly model when i have finished my bridge scene.
anyway heres some progress . started working on one of several buildings that will be part of the map.