3D Quest! Tie your 3D skill progression to Runescape skill progression and level up!

A call to journey!

3D skills are fun to develop, but having structure and gameplay tied to them can make them even more fun!

The idea is simple, you’ll start a new runescape OSRS account and join a community of other 3d artists. You will have a chart of 3d achievements to accomplish before allowing yourself to train up your runescape character.

Example-- Before training attack to level 5 you must create a sword in 3D. Before training Defence to level 5 you must create a shield in 3D.

I have a chart of skills / corresponding 3D requirements I’m working on, but this can be determined by you as an individual or you can follow my chart. I will be posting it to the discord soon!
This is a method of leveling up as an artist and working along side other similarly minded individuals.
As you progress you can post your work and a picture of your character leveling up in our discord.

I just started a discord server: 3D Quest-- https://discord.gg/XRsGYjX3

If you’re interested in starting a group ironman with me we will start one on 5/5/23

Any questions or trouble joining, PM me!

Hope to see you join in the discord!


We can try :slight_smile: