3D rigged model on top of video of face

I have a 3d model of just my face (jaw, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, NO eyeballs) that i modeled using reference photos. Then i rigged it. My question is: how do i go about putting this onto live action video on top of my actual face (sort of like the snapchat filters that detect your face and add 3d objects on top of it)?

I know I could just import the model and animate it via key framing, but i don’t want to just be “eye-balling” it. I want to track the entire video (many different points on my face), and then somehow “link” those tracks on my face to specific points on the 3D model or to specific points on the rig.

I’m really sorry if my language was vague/unclear; this is uncharted territory for me. But really, I just want to do the snapchat (3D) filters, entirely inside blender (obviously snapchat filters happen in real-time, I’m not looking for real-time tracking, my goal is to put this into a movie.)

Blender does not have face detection specifically, but it does have excellent motion tracking. Put some dots on your face when you record, then track those dots using the Clip Editor. Look up blender motion tracking for more help.