3d rigged model(s) - kickboxing character


I’m starting work on a kickboxing game for the Android platform, and need the following to begin with:

  • Two kickboxing characters, “generic” male - 1 for “middle-weight”, 1 for “heavy-weight”
  • 5,000 - 7,000 polys maximum (aka. low-poly) per model
  • 32 bone rig, animation-ready (in Blender, of course), weight-painted
  • Temporary texturing (specular, diffuse ?), should be split up in groups of “equipment” (gloves, shorts, ankle bands), “head” (hair, facial features) and “body” (body, legs, arms, etc.) - must be logically organized and be easy (enough) to replace with other textures, in order to represent other boxers.
  • Exclusive licence.

I’ll provide more detail in communiqué. Pay is guaranteed for the right person.

I’d also need some more modelling done later on, and will prefer The Right Person. :slight_smile:

Note this is “only” modelling, no animation work required.

Feel free to PM me your quotes or questions.

Thank you for reading,
Vidar, an independent developer in Oslo, Norway

I sent you a PM.

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Sent you a PM! Thanks! :yes:

Hey, I am interested in doing some work for you. You can check out my portfolio at justindacosta3d.weebly.com

Thank you for your consideration.

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