3D shmup for iPhone need designer/3D artist (paid)

Team name:
None for now but If you really want a name, I’m a one man company: Memset Software, Inc.

Project name:
iPhone 3D shmup: Rage

Brief description:
I’ve been working on this project for a year in my spare time, it’s always been a dream to produce a commercial quality game. So I wrote a 3D engine for my iPhone game: a 3D shmup. Here is a video of the work in progress:


The problem right now is that I had to borrow models here and there but there in order to assess performance but there is no way I release the game with anything copyrighted. I need someone to bring this engine to life with creative and quality 3D models.

Target aim:
Commercial AppStore application, 99c.

No profit sharing bullshit. I won’t ask you to take all the risks and will pay what we agreed on. I am open to profit sharing if you really want it though.

The engine is pure C but can run on iPhone or win32. You don’t need a mac to work on this project.

Talent needed:
3D artist:

  • Normal mapping
  • Specular mapping
  • Skeletal animation

Use any editor you like (Maya, 3DS, Blender) as long as we can export to MD5 (doom3 characters format)

Skills is important but I would prefer to work with someone really passionate about what he/she does.

Team structure:
I am the producer and software wizard. That’s it.

None. But I will write several articles on http://fabiensanglard.net to promote the game and a few technical post mortem are in the making.

Please send all resume ( please include previous work images) to [email protected]

Previous Work by Team:
I’m been pretty succesful with my two previous application Fluid and Fluid 2 on the AppStore (app were worlwide #1 in June 2009)

Thanks for reading.

Looking nice :).

Thanks :wink: !

I haven’t found anyone yet :confused: !

hi, check my works, read the descriptions!

my works in professional gamedev:

I’m a character modeler maybe you are looking someone like me :D. hehehe

Maybe you are not interested .
Good luck