3d short film

So I was thinking about making a short 3d movie… To improve my experience and perhaps to make a little bit of cash.
So I decided to build a team,
We have a script writer alongside an environmental artist.
We need a character creator
An animator
And some other artists

Money isn’t guaranteed for any of us…our first aim is to build up experience.
Then if our short movie is good enough to make cash.
We’d get it and continue with it
Make sure to message me

Can i volunteer? Even i have work in real life?

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Sure, how can I contact you

Discord: marksingh#8171

Am not on discord bro… Are you on what’sapp or ig or telegram

You have facebook?

Send me your username

hi, i can help with lighting and hard surface stuff, like to be part of this(^^)

Yes you can
How can I contact you

Just create a page on facebook so we can join

I don’t think creating a page would matter because not everyone is on Facebook.
But for those on Facebook
Add me and message me

Thanks for your interest

I need your fb profile name. The link you provide is an ads.

My profile name is Onasanya Timileyin

you can contact me via email: [email protected]

Hi, I am good in 3d modeling, specially objects.
Can it be usefull?

It can but I think we face enough of modelling artist right now… Are you good in character animation. My email is [email protected]
You can message me here and we’ll talk better.
If you’re on what’sapp, it’ll be better for communication.
You can email your number and I’ll talk

I made a simple character animation, and I am good in learning. If you want I can try, I would really love improving in this area.

Let me know if you are interested, so we can talk better (emal or whatsapp is the same for me :slight_smile: ).

No problem, I already told you to email your number.
So I’ll add you on what’sapp.
We can talk better there

Are you still looking for animators?