3D Simulations

I am working on some volumetric rendering, and was hoping you could give me some feedback. I have a simulator which generates a time series of volumes ( a 4d cube ), which I was able to load using the blender renderer and setup. The results look ok, but I really would like to get this similar setup over to Cycles. I have tried the volume patch and gotten it to work, but have not found any way of getting the 3d texture in there. Any suggestions on
a) get the result better using the blender renderer
b) getting the volumetric texture into cycles

The full time series available here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1515021/blender/110101/test.html


one thing I notice is that there is a lot of energy, but it doesn’t seem to be emitting any radiant light.

So, How would I go about adding something like that?

I am tempted to say fake it with lamps, but there are probably better ways to do it. Try asking in the support forum section in lighting and rendering.
(edit) and welcome to the forum.